Our Top Team Members

Kate MacDonald

Founder and CEO

Hails from NE Ohio,
parents were from the
Pittsburgh, Pa area.


William Pryor


Co-founder, CFO, CIO – Born & raised in Richmond, VA.  With a degree in business, finance and Information Systems he is the perfect fit for CIO and CFO. William has over 17 years in Information Systems in the freight, electronics and financial sectors.

Kaya MacDonald

Company Mascot

Born in Santa Rosa, CA and raised in Baltimore, MD. She graduated from Canine Companions for Independence, Santa Rosa, CA with her degree in Hearing Service.

Our Most Common Question

How did you come up with the name YES!

Sleep, after being hit by a drunk driver, escaped me (Kate) for many years. When many mattress searches came up empty we decided to go the custom mattress route. It was then, when I found it…

the mattress that caused a “YES!” escape, that I realized sleep was again to be had.

Also, being born and raised in NE Ohio (close to Cleveland and about 2 hours from Columbus) and with my parents being from Pittsburgh, that meant sports…a lot of sports to choose from. But personally, I have more of an affinity for football.

With that being said I am painfully aware that the Cleveland Browns and “YES!” don’t go well together. No matter how hard we all tried. However, “YES!” was and is a common word to say when it comes to watching the Ohio State Buckeyes. It always brings a sense of joy,  camaraderie, completion, and all around good vibes.

So to me, these reasons were absolutely the best name for something so good, so happy, with such good vibes and a sense of a job well done.

(Now I don’t have to wait for football season every year!)