17 Years Of Experience Speaks For Itself

Kate MacDonald knows a thing or two about sleep and the need for good sleep, having spent 17 years in the fields of neurology and sleep medicine, before deafness took her career. She has all the book knowledge, but for 20 years sleep escaped her, due to the multiple injuries sustained from being hit by a drunk driver. In that respect, she knows much more than she cares to, about the physical ramifications of losing sleep, along with the emotional aspect and the toll it takes on a daily basis.

Sleeplessness and the added stress, that it brings, was no stranger to Kate.

So, when handed lemons Kate decided to make lemonade…she had to reinvent sleep.  Her mantra has always been “if my long, tough experience helps just 1 person…. then it’s all worth it” (she’s helping many many more then that!).

Finally, at her husband’s exasperation and insistence they both embarked on a quest to find the mattress that would make sleep not just possible, again, but definite and wonderful. Sleep had to be reinvented. They suffered the “big box” stores, with super high-pressure sales people (and their threats to take their “deals” away if you walk out the door to think about it!) and hundreds of beds over and over again…

… Enter the premium custom mattress with the premium price tag. But at least she finally slept!

Fast forward a few months…caught up on sleep and thinking clearly Kate embarked on a quest to reinvent sleep for the masses. Using her mattress as an inspiration Kate conducted research, met with manufacturer’s and others experienced in this area to create the YES! mattress, without the custom price tag. She could have built just a mattress-any mattress-but that would not do. It had to be well thought out, the highest quality materials, last a good long time and of course, affordable. Being made in the USA and hopefully creating jobs here, is another passion that had to be met. Nothing else will do. Several months later the YES! mattress appears!!

On a personal level, Kate’s heart and the very heart of YES!, is the need to give. So, for every 10 mattresses purchased, a mattress is donated to battered women’s shelters/homes. Also, for every purchase made, YES! makes cash donations to animal rescue organizations and Veteran organizations.

So, with all of this being said, the answer is really quite easy…. say yes to your new YES! mattress to begin reinventing your sleep and sleep well knowing that you are helping make others’ lives easier, as well. You deserve both.