Wondering How to Open Your Yes! Mattress Without Damaging It?

Congratulations on choosing the YES! Mattress. This is truly one of the best ideas you’ve ever had!

To avoid cutting your mattress please utilize scissors instead of a box cutter/razor blade. This will eliminate any possible damage that could occur to the cover and/or the mattress.

  • Have your camera going, as you open your mattress, so we can add you to the growing selection of videos, on our website. Feel free to upload to youtube, if you like, also.
  • If you are using a foundation, of any kind, place your mattress on top of it first, while still in the plastic, after removing the mattress from the box.
  • Now, carefully insert the scissors into the plastic. Glide the scissors along the inside, between the plastic and the mattress.
  • Pull out and discard all plastic.
  • Position your new mattress as you like and allow it to unfold completely, then add your sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.
  • ENJOY!
  • Send us your videos of opening your mattress, enjoying your mattress, discussing your mattress, pets & kids enjoying the YES! mattress box, whatever you like. But remember…we are a family company, so let’s keep it all clean.

Again, congrats and enjoy your new YES! mattress!!! We know you will.